Benefits Of Membership


SAFed is a Trade Association, which represents the independent (3rd Party) engineering inspection and certification industry of workplace equipment (the represented industry). It is a company limited by guarantee and having membership as described in the company’s articles of association. The role of SAFed is to operate as a strong Trade Association which represents, supports and provides services to its member companies by:

  • Promoting and marketing SAFed membership as having high standards, an ethical code of conduct, working to recognised guidelines and industry best practice in consultation with the HSE and enjoying an unparalleled status recognised and preferred throughout the user community and client base. This includes a link to your website from the SAFed website, which is also linked to a number of associated authoritative (HSE, BIS etc.) and commercial (Trade Association Forum etc) sites.
  • Promoting the value of independence from other equipment associated service provision e.g. maintenance, repair and manufacture and integrity from conflicting commercial interests.
  • Promoting the improvement of safety in industry by establishing and maintaining high practicable, operational and performance standards of equipment inspection and advice to clients, recognised by the HSE and BIS.
  • Including membership to the European Confederation of Control, Inspection and Prevention Organisations (CEOC) as part of SAFed membership and representation at the Trade Association Forum.
  • Providing a basis for recognition between member companies, including acceptance of inspection reports and standards of service, etc.  Providing recognition with and representation to engineering brokers, particularly as a full member accredited by UKAS.
  • Providing the liaison and communication service to member companies on relevant national, European and international information on all aspects of safety assessment and certification of engineering and manufacturing plant machinery and equipment.
  • Providing Guidance, Guidelines, and interpretations on a range of inspection issues.
  • Providing an advice line to members and a members forum to contribute, discuss, and input views on relevant issues. In addition, to allow the sharing of health and safety information between members and mutually beneficial activity.
  • Providing an established relationship with BIS, HSE, UKAS, BSI and CEOC (all at Board level) to represent members’ interests.

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